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Raja Drawja – Detox

Raja Drawja – Detox

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  1. Chillazin Music: Check!
    Cool Fractal Visuals: Check!
    Detoxified Pineal Gland: Derp…

  2. What frequency is this? I feel like sound is just for meditation.

  3. I cant believe I only did 12 minutes I lost my focus im not going to lie but in the firstinute only for a few seconds something happened it was like flickers of of something happening but I dont know, I fidget and try to hard has anyone got any advice, because I definitely feel like if this is real this video works best for me and I definitely definitely felt something within that first minute almost instantly….

  4. it makes the top of my head tingle big time

  5. A journey upward towards the secret pinnacle of the philosopher's stone. Upon touching one becomes instantaneously enlightened. The here/now becomes the eternal, The Foreground becomes the illusion, the background becomes the reality.

  6. Pleasing to the senses and mind!

  7. the penis gland

  8. What is GP ?

  9. This was an amazing work by Darude

  10. A real moment of peace

  11. This is beautiful

  12. I can't even go to a wonderful healing-sound video without having my mind corrupted by some religious, fanatic Jesus-freak! Why can't they leave us alone?!

  13. What will this do for me? Is my mind not free already? What are the differences? Struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life but remember seeing the world different as a kid. I had more clarity and didn't struggle with making decisions. I guess I was more rational, odd as that is being a kid.

  14. EMF produces EMR and thats exactly what you are getting when you hold a transmitting device (headphones) to your ears. Looking for some peace on this plane of existence? Find me a Monk in Tibet, or swaami in India who wears headphones and i'll kiss your ass. Technology can never provide peace but rather entertainment -and tahts what this is.

  15. Lita donoso

  16. i just activated my third nippple

  17. thank you

  18. comes soooo balls while smoking the spirit :)

  19. HFORGE studio (HammerFORGEstudio)

    someone explain! I know this is going to sound rather strange but i usually get a kind of Deja Vu but get a split second glimps of what i am about to do at that time, its hard to explain, also i have been listening to this video for the last couple of days, takes some time to see things with my eyes closed! heres what i see a tiny bright blue light, then it looks like i am traveling threw a tunnel of Blue & green hues, sometimes its constantly repeating, sometimes its circular and randomised, i swear i could feel a presence in the room with me and i felt a hand on my right leg, i have a very powerful will & mentality, after i stopped listening to the video, my temples, nose, and fourhead feel a numb pressure, if this is my third eye opening then i get this sensation at random when not listening to any binaural beats, i just passed it off as a tension headache but now that i know its the same sensation i would like for someone to explain :) no idiotic remarks or comments please some people take things very seriously.. thank you

  20. So much false information!!!
    You should be ashamed!!!

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