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Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

Meditation Techniques – My best meditation techniques for beginner and advanced meditators

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  1. When I was a child I used to play around with putting holes into Clouds. Now I try manifesting the World I'd really like 2live in. I see still see George WBush & 20+ others in orange jump suits &chains shuffling into Court 4sentencing. So MAYBE, just maybe if enough People saw the same thing it might Happen. Our Constitution &Bill of Rights are restored. 2012 becomes A World Time where PEACE is the RULE of Law. We evolve till perfection is obtained &we ascend into the Heavens.

  2. Thank You for that…now im going to heal myself,,,Peace!!!

  3. hey rob, great stuff my brother. thank you for sharing. peace….

  4. When did Kurt Cobain become mindful? lol

  5. your good but you tend to ramble a lot a lot

  6. Love this–
    thanks for sharing

  7. I feel that when one breaths with the whole body one DOES breath through the legs etc, literally. After all ours skin does breath.

    Also ones one reaches the state where the body dissolves and is replaced as it where by a feeling of energy, or a tingling feild. Then the body is oxygen, it is particles and emptiness.

  8. Using the OM meditation can help achieve this state as the vibration of the sound resonates through the body physically, literally vibrating it.

    Focus on your feet and hands, while OM ing, listen for the vibration in them. After a while the whole body will dissolve into a field of energy, depending how deep you go. The hands will be easiest to dissolve

    Make the OOOOOO long and then merge into a long MMMMMM. Breath in deeply and let out the OM etc over and over deeper + deeper with gratitude

  9. How can I stop my mind from thinking about random things when I try too meditate. Becouse sometimes it just gives me a vision about a door and then the next thing is mickey mouse etc. And most of all it is annoying since I can´t just take it easy I keep thinking about all kinds of things even though I do not want to.

  10. lol @ the pictures

  11. Again, another excellent video! I never would have thought of using such power visualizations to help heal.

  12. Dude I watched this bid last night and I used it this morning and it wired I was like a floating mind my body was compley numb

  13. It's not so much WHAT technique that's important in giving you the desired result but rather the belief in the technique. It's the belief that counts. belief precedes reality, it creates/manifests. Your reality is a reflection, a validation of the beliefs you hold on the SUB conscious level. Love yourself… not vanity, but love yourself consciously, trust yourself that you are in control of the reality you experience and that you CAN accomplish what you desire.

  14. awesome video.
    Lmao 😀

    u r so funny, i try this lil trick right now.

  15. Have you got that car yet?

  16. I imagine that i am a sponge or that my body is like a sponge?

  17. @robsreality caught a video stream about healing and got a decent vibe about you, essential in researching subjects that are meant to illiuminate. I'm a singer songwrter/producer with equipment with interest in owning a home and having a band..

  18. i want to hug you ^_^ i wish there were more people out there like you dude!! keep it up 😀

  19. wow it felt like I accedently pulled my brain out of my head

  20. Hey Rob im trying this stuff.. at mo .. but also love your healing vid…. my hardest one to conquer is feeling good about myself…. i never go short of boyfriends…. BUT never have confidence to lately keep myself happy and end up shutting everyone out…. and alas SINGLE maybe youve found something stronger to make it happen.. with confidence…. Bel .xx

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