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There are a lot of people that are dealing with Actinic Keratosis and if you are one of them, then you will not have to worry about it too much, for there are a lot of ways that you can get rid of it. If you are not well informed when it comes to this condition, you should know that is described by rough colored spots on your body and they can vary in size from the size of a pin, to the size of a coin. Some of them will be flat and some of them will look like horns, which will not make you look like prince charming. Also, this is a pre-cancerous condition.


Avoid staying in the sun too much if you are someone that has a light skin, as you will certainly have a lot of chances for developing the condition. The majority of people that are affected by the condition are over 40 years old. But regardless of that statement, you should know that there are also teenagers that have been discovered to suffer from it.


Make sure that if you have actinic keratosis, to have it removed from your skin before it will develop into squamous cell . Well, not everyone will get to suffer from cancer, but you will need to be careful and take the necessary steps in order to have this possibility deferred as much as you can.


Symptoms and appearance

This is a condition that looks different from patient to patient. There will be individuals that will not even realize the fact that they are suffering from it, because of the size of the small dots on the skin. The affected ski will be rough to the touch and will also be blotchy. When it comes to the colors of the spots caused by the condition, they can range from red, brown, pink and colored gray.


The growth process is actually very slow. They can appear now, be gone in a few days and then appear in the same place again. The places that will most likely be affected by the condition are the ears, lower lips, the nose, back of the hands, the scalp of bald people.


If you suffer from it and your spots are bleeding, itchy or changing their looks and size, check in with a doctor ASAP. You will thus defer them from growing into horn like shapes that can take their toll on your life and looks a lot. Also, if you’re dealing with an age spot or Age spots, Liver spots or just a Liver Spot, Keratosis, Seborrheic keratosis, Pigmentation problems, Chloasma and Melasma, make sure to take the appropriate measures in order to cure them.

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