Coffee flour offers a potentially healthier way of enjoying java — ScienceDaily

According to Perlman, this method of roasting green coffee beans enhances the of coffee. Perlman is developing the flour milled from parbaked beans both as a food ingredient and a nutritional supplement. “It’s a world of difference” from the traditional coffee bean, Perlman says.


Research has shown that drinking coffee is good for you. A recent Harvard study found that people who drank three to five cups a day had a 15 percent lower chance of prematurely dying than non-drinkers.


Nobody knows for certain what causes coffee to be salutary, but one leading explanation involves a natural chemical compound called chlorogenic acid (CGA). An antioxidant, CGA is thought to be beneficial in modulating sugar metabolism, controlling blood pressure and possibly treating heart disease and .


Unfortunately, when coffee is roasted the traditional way — typically above 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes — the CGA content drops dramatically. One study found the decrease ranged from 50 to nearly 100 percent.


Two decades ago, Brandeis biophysicist Dan Perlman ’68 and nutritionist K.C. Hayes developed the “healthy fats” blend in the Smart Balance buttery spread. Perlman has now come up with a new invention — the parbaked coffee bean.



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