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Fit & Proper: Men too have thyroid disorders


Fit & #Proper: Men too have #thyroid #disorders The analysis showed the highest prevalence of the disease among men in the eastern zone of the country, followed by north, west and south. The younger population within the age group of 31-45 years was at higher risk of thyroid dysfunction (30 ...

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Definition


#Attention #Deficit #Hyperactivity #Disorder #Definition Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder definition – A mental disorder thought to be biological in nature consisting of poor attention span and impulsive behavior uncharacteristic for a person’s age, which may or may not be accompanied by hyperactivity.   ADHD has been the topic of a ...

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Preventing Oral Cancer


#Preventing #Oral #Cancer When it comes to health, we often neglect the important things such as going to the dentist regularly. Most people also do not realize the benefits of immunization and screening for early detection of disease. However, there is such a thing as personal accountability. As such, we ...

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Bacterial, Viral, and Allergic Conjunctivitis


#Bacterial, #Viral, and #Allergic #Conjunctivitis Our eye’s conjunctiva contains numerous but tiny blood vessels and produces enough mucus to keep the eye’s surface protected and moist at all times. But when our conjunctiva gets swollen or irritated, our blood vessels that seems invisible becomes increasingly prominent, thus making our eyes ...

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Lastest Annulus Support (Heart Valve Disease Treatment) News


OBSERVANT: Similar Safety After TAVR, Surgery in Lower-Risk 'Real-World&39; Patients Patients were propensity-matched into 650 pairs, although surgically-treated patients still had slightly higher levels of albumin and hemoglobin and the TAVR group—restricted to those undergoing transfemoral procedures—presented with greater oxygen … Read more on TCTMD Medtronic Announces FDA Approval for ...

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COOPER CONNECTION: What's behind leg pain?


#COOPER #CONNECTION: What's #behind leg #pain? This condition is also referred to as peripheral arterial disease. PVD slowly and steadily restricts your circulation, and it is dangerous if left untreated. The main cause of PVD is plaque buildup (#atherosclerosis) in a leg artery. This buildup of … Read more on ...

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Lastest Abdominal Hernia (Hernia Overview) News


CQI Interventions Improve Laparoscopic Ventral #Hernia Repair Results Nashville, Tenn.—Clinical quality improvement (CQI) interventions resulted in shorter hospital length of stay and postanesthesia care unit time, as well as narcotic analgesics requirements in patients undergoing laparoscopic ventral hernia repair … Read more on Pain Medicine News I Had a Kid. ...

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Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease


#Treatments for #Coronary #Artery #Disease Coronary Artery Disease (also known as Atherosclerotic #Heart Disease) describes a situation in which coronary arteries become clogged as a result of #atherosclerosis, meaning a build-up of fat and cholesterol on the arteries’ walls which restricts the blood flow. A build-up like this prevents the ...

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