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Childhood obesity linked to poverty, parenting style: Strategies to combat the rising problem need to reflect these factors, suggests new research from Concordia University — ScienceDaily


  It’s not just genes that are the cause: socio-demographic and environmental elements are also contributing factors. Lower socio-economic status, living in neighbourhoods that aren’t walkable and poor access to fresh fruits and vegetables can all increase the risk of being overweight.   With #obesity rates on the rise, a ...

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Video-based CPR training may be as valuable as hands-on approach: Largest CPR training trial for families of at-risk patients shows success of low-cost teaching method — ScienceDaily


This is a great idea to help assist family members .. Less than 40 percent of cardiac arrests in the United States are treated by #CPR delivered by bystanders, a fact which has prompted calls for improved CPR education to empower the public to take action. While some studies have ...

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Blood Test May Predict Cancer Recurrences Earlier than Standard Methods – CancerConnect News : CancerConnect News

Following standard therapy for early #breast #cancer, women undergo tests and scans to ensure that no detectable cancer remains. Thereafter, these patients continue to undergo periodic screening on a regular basis, with greater frequency during the period immediately following completion of treatment. These screenings are to detect a potential recurrence ...

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The Type of Breast Cancer Determines Effectiveness of Different Hormonal Therapies – CancerConnect News : CancerConnect News


Hormone-positive #breast cancer refers to breast #cancer that is stimulated to grow from the female hormone, estrogen. Therefore, a standard treatment component for hormone-positive breast cancer includes an anti-estrogen agent that works to inhibit estrogen from stimulating cancer cells to grow. The most common anti-estrogen used in the treatment of ...

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Processed meat can cause cancer — ScienceDaily

This is an Interesting article, and one that i think we all need to try and get a better understanding about … After thoroughly reviewing the accumulated scientific literature, a Working Group of 22 experts from 10 countries convened by the IARC Monographs Program classified the consumption of red meat ...

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Undergoing An Appendectomy For Appendicitis


#Undergoing An #Appendectomy For #Appendicitis Invasive surgery can be frightening for almost anyone that must undergo it. There are a number of different physical ailments that require the almost immediate removal of organs that have proven to malfunction. One of these procedures is an appendectomy, which is performed when an ...

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