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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Grace Serena Christie

    To run on sentence: I am with you. Look up Eugenics on you tube.

  2. preach sister but Gods got them sooner then they think.

  3. That moment when you realize that AMA doctors are the real quacks.

  4. Wow!! we know this but boy!! what in the world!


  6. America the Den of Vipers

  7. They Killed Christ for healing the sick. Hmm

  8. miraculously John Hopkins university, one of the top cancer schools in the USA, finally added the use of Essiac as a cure for cancer in Spring 2014. You can see it on their website although it's no surprise there has been no huge announcement . check for yourselves and brew your own essiac tea, eat organic vegetables and unprocessed foods, de-stress with meditation , song, dance and get exercise!! LIVE life healthy and get off your assss

  9. Very sad that cancer cure has been around for 1000s of years but we wont bottle it for health.

  10. I can attest to Rene Caisse's Essiac tea. It works for more than just cancer. I was diagnosed in Sep. 2012 with five gastric ulcers. I had this sharp, acute pain in my stomach for several years prior but I was unable to see a physician about it until then (I honestly did not know what was wrong as I knew my symptoms did not coincide with peptic ulcers, plus I was without adequate medical coverage). The physician suggested I take omeprazole; I took it and it did diddley-squat for my pain. I was always researching alternative medicines and I stumbled across Essiac tea. It was promoted mainly for use with cancer but I learned that it could also improve digestive function. I bought a bag of it and I proceeded to drink the tea twice a day (once upon waking and again an hour before bed) hot, with no sugar, no honey, no anything-bitter. The VERY first day of drinking this tea, the pain subsided. By the time all the tea was gone, it was like those past 3.5 years of pain were a distant memory.

    I had a followup endoscopy in July 2013 and the ulcers were all gone. The before and after pictures of my endoscopy say it all-IT WORKS! The uclers have yet to return (I haven't had any of the Essiac tea in almost three years).

  11. Excellent film – thank you.

  12. If I ever will get sick with cancer will never and I mean never undergo any treatment from conventional medicine! Never. Radiation and Chemotherapy are only designed to make you more sick so you can stay there for longer and develop secondary cancers so they can spend more of their useless chemical poison agent on you. Legalized Mafia and legalized killers!!!!

  13. AncientAngelCosmic

    The medical profession is a BIG SCAM JOB!…Medical doctors today are nothing more than Big Pharma money magnets that have been put in place by powerful, money hungry people who are willing to send many of their fellow citizens to their deaths by making only their worthless, dangerous drugs, with all of their harmful side effects, that are manufactured by Big Pharma the only thing legally able to be sold as a viable treatment for any disease or ailment!…So disgusting!…But very true!…And only in America!…Now don't that just make you sick?…I know that I have got a little throw-up forming in the back off my throat now just from thinking about this travesty of justice!…Anyways,…Thanx for blowing that whistle….Peace!….A.A.C.

  14. No offense well actually a lot, this entire video on a so called cure for cancer is based off of something with the slightest chance of even remotely being called evidence. There are no major scientific studies on this if at all. People have actually died ignoring their doctors advice because of such videos. Also as a skeptic I'd like to know what sources you have used just to make sure that even what was in the video was remotely true, which I myself greatly doubt. To sum it up you have not even a strand of what would be accepted as evidence, yet you continue to support your opinion without needing what others have represented as fact. Strange.

  15. sorry i didn't watch the video but, i can personally tell you (sodium bicarbonate ) baking soda! in combination with cinnamon AND THC is the magic trio. i'm now cancer free, no chemo, no synthetics, remember not to ingest fluoride, GMO's, no sugar (use Agave instead) no processed red meat and you will thrive. best to you all and happy lives will save us from the ones who use us!

  16. if you control the schools then you control the money.

  17. a friend of a friend cured his advanced prostate cancer with 2 asparagus per day. over a period.. no a sign of it now.. also lemon rind apparently is more beneficial against cancer than chemo. the drug companies keep this stuff quiet because they would loose millions.. all about money yet again.

  18. Cancer is a re action. Kind of how allergies work. Remove the allergen remove the reaction. We all "know" the cure is in preventing. But we continue to just watch.

  19. My Uncle died to cancer in 2013, and now I heard just recently that my own father has the same kind of cancer… Sigh. So what is this miracle cure? Because my dad takes all the nutrients, and vitamins you can possibly get your hands on, and has been for years and still has the cancer. So what is this cure and where can i get my hands on it?

  20. Great Documentary !

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