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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. DFTD, ay?

  2. What I learned… the Tasmanian devil is a real living animal. Mind blown.

  3. I may have had an interesting idea. If the human immune system can detect foreign cancer cells from other people and kill those just fine, then could you take two cancer patients and have them each give the other a small amount of their own cancer so that their body would kill the foreign cells but in the process also be able to kill the patients own cancer cells. I could imagine doing this by maybe crushing up the foreign cancer cells or liquidizing them in some way that they could remain alive but finite enough to basically be sprinkled throughout the patients own cancer cells so they are pretty much meshed in with the pre existing cancer cells, so they kind of fuse into one, and when the bodies immune system kicks in to identify and take out the foreign cells it cant help but to take the other cancer cells with it since they are so mixed in with one another.

    Now I am no scientist or researcher at all, so that may be a dumb idea with no scientific backing, and I am not advocating for people to try this on them self's, but figured I would throw the thought out their anyway. Plus the issue with that one doctor getting cancer from that operation and the organ transplant issue. So I guess the immune system doesn't always prevent it.

  4. All I took from this is that a surgeon cut his hand and contracted cancer-related superpowers. But seriously. HPV awareness! If we'd caught that one 50 years earlier I'd have my dad still.

  5. ElementalSkater001

    Easy. Just browse through 4chan.

  6. There IS a link between cancer and VIRUSES. People infected with viruses , are candidates for later cancer. These viruses, are contagious. Therefore, cancer influenced by virus, is contagious..

  7. Can yall at least still use "Thought Bubble"

  8. can an AIDS patient catch cancer from someone else? Not like kaposi sarcoma or other viruses that lead to cancer, but like from cancerous cells?

  9. but i want so badly to fall into that radioactive chemical spill and become a superhero , just so long as i'll still be awesomly sexy.


  10. Cahico lemzi morif alga y azarath metrionh zynthuz

  11. Where do cancer cells get their resources to reproduce? Are they linked up to our food system or do they forcibly take the food from other cells? Is there any way we can cut them off?

  12. Posted on my birthday!

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  14. Penis and anus what great rhyming

  15. how to stop cancer , easy smoke mirruana.

  16. Around 4 girls in my class refused to get the HPV vaccine after one girl told them that there was an ingredient that could be (like 1% chance) harmful. So now they have a really quite high chance of getting HPV

  17. What if a new type of cancer cell has no MHC

  18. Inthelambdacore Doss (InTheLambdaCore)

    So are MHC flags genetically controlled, and if so could they mutate to look the exact same as another persons MHC flags allowing cancerous cells to spread? I know this is purely hypothetical, and the chances of this happening need to represented by scientific notation, but is it possible?

  19. Colin MacLaughlanWeir

    hear that anti-vax ers get your shots and you don't get cancer (HPV)

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