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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. very sober man i wish u are my master

  2. My favourite part… "Subscribing helps you grow spiritually" L0l

  3. God Bless You! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, guruji

  5. Nirmal Kumar Ganguli

    Thanks  Ivan for your reply
    Nirmal Kumar Ganguli

  6. is it good for hearing loss?

  7. love.. 0mmm xx

  8. …I think I did it wrong… I fainted :/

  9. can i practice only kapalabathi without doing any other warm ups and asana's or pranayamas? i have experience that i was exahsted if do this more time.Please let me know?
    i offer my thanks by taking this challenge.

  10. Catherine Campbell

    I am confused, do i take a breathe in first (breathe in) fill my lungs with oxygen then exhale? Thank you <3

  11. Hello Guruji I am doing kapalvati 600 times. 1sec of exhalation, 300 each times, take 2 mins of rest and then do it again. Am i doing right?

  12. hail thyself

  13. I had dizziness while doing it, is it normal?

  14. Is it true that dogs also breath like this but at a quicker rate? When dogs are panting/breathing often you see their stomach go in and out as they breath

  15. I am accepnting..challange..

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  17. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, I am suffering from sleep apnea, I am hoping this will help me, may God bless you greatly

  18. I will take this challenge, I will let you know how I feel, thank you so much for your help, I will also keep studying all your videos

  19. Thank you

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