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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. 4:03 just a little more up :3

  2. i just dont understand the nudity. its distracting to me and im a straight woman wth

  3. Thanks Oprah.

  4. jaymee liz medrano


  5. I just got high

  6. It works

  7. Well in terms of relaxation it doesn't really matter but when you refer to meditation spiritually or for relaxation purposes its always inhale and exhale from nose but not consciously breathing meaning you breath purposely, the same breath you do without noticing like the way your breathing while reading this reply if you do. Try both and see how you feel but always remember to begin with a mental image of releasing negative frequencies or emotions out and positive in, then follow the breath.

  8. 123456789hurricane

    So relaxing

  9. Gwendolyn Montemayor


  10. thank you for putting this video up :)

  11. I fell asleep

  12. reponder isreponding

    this really does work…..I always tried to massage it and pull my throat skin out.. just have to clear that stress filled air I guess.. Gonna keep doing it.

  13. And breathe in a way that is most relaxing to you, obviously…


  15. Mr. Dave is the man

  16. OMMMMmmmmmmm

  17. 050 begins

  18. I tripped the fuck out what is this shit

  19. When she says easy deep breath…does that mean easy does it?

  20. Those were the shortest 4 mins of my life.

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