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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Today is the Great American Smokeout! So if it's your first day of not smoking, CONGRATS! Here are some simple breathing exercises to help increase your lung capacity now that you're smoke free… or if you're already smoke free :-)

  2. On the one where your hands move on you stomach do you breath in hand separate, breath out hands move in together?

  3. Srikanth Vasireddy

    Outstanding. Simple Techniques yet outstanding relief. Thanks Dr. Jo for sharing these with us.

  4. Team O_X フェグロFeguro

    wow, impressive……….i started a little bit sweating after doing this small exercise..and it almost feel cleansed!!

  5. Hello Doc.
    I have never tried any breathing exercise, but I'll give it a try! I'll drag my husband into too! Then I'll let you know! Thank you!

  6. Dear. Dr,
    i have Breathing problem from 4 years long, what can i do for reduse and sume time in the night 1 am 0r 2am very very hard to gat Breath please give a good idea for relive also i alwese go wthe Doctors just give to me only elergic medcine and cough syrupe 

    this is my Email.

  7. Fuzion PlazmaGreen

    I've had a hard time brathing for like 4 days. But only when i want to sleep :'( .
    When i wake up its normal and trough out the day its normal but only when i go to sleep :( I'm just 13 (almost 14) and i really need help :( i've allready told this to my mom and ill tell my dad to get me to the hospital if possible but i really want to try these techinques out first before doing that. If you can give ANY advice to me that would be appriciated ! :D

  8. Thanks Dr Jo. I like your positive attitude and your humor is terrific!

  9. Hai Dr. Jo, I just wanna ask, is there any research done in all these exercises? Thank You.

  10. thanks Dr Jo. these will be very helpful. ive had lung ops and hoping to get better. o/

  11. always sharp to the point…thanks. and i like the very little diversions to make things easier for the sick.

  12. this great because i play clarinet and i need to hold my breath longer to play

  13. Thanks for the exercises,great I will be doing these.!

  14. Moruthanyane Moruthane


  15. I'm 26 years old and currently recovering from a pulmonary embolism that went undiagnosed for a long time. It's very frustrating what little support for recovery is available with this condition! I want nothing more than to get back to the gym and do my favorite activities again, so I'm using your video to aid my healing process. Thank you for sharing it!

  16. hey doc im studying physiotherapy of internal medicine and i got a topic say traditional exercises and there was a type called interval training and i remember the dr says it is the best exersice for copd pt. but i still dont know what exactly it is? i mean how it looks like

  17. Kandi Sreedhara Murthy

    Hello Doc – I was a moderate smoker for about 35 years. But, have totally stopped smoking since almost one year. I have started the exercises suggested by you. How long will it take to improve the condition. I am 64 and have some difficulty like short of breath. Pl reply.

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