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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. I had a big lump on my neck too that could've been cancer when I was little. It was removed and I was lucky enough to come out without it.

  2. what's the name of music in 3:00 ??

  3. A good girlfriend :)

  4. your gf is so lovely

  5. Young eminem for sure.

  6. song

  7. first song?

  8. This taught me that love is power

  9. I'm proud of how he turned his life around, but benching like what, 135 lbs with that body just boggles my mind. Looks decent but he aint strong.

  10. Amazing body bro, keep it up, i hope that someday ill end up being cut like you !

  11. красава

  12. you leyend

  13. 6:27 there's no way that is natural. His arms are way too vascular..

  14. first 03:00 min waste of time ….

  15. Love the video

  16. So he used that song before any faggot Fifa YouTuber

  17. 7 mio klicks.

  18. Ur such a inspiration ❤️

  19. you are inspiration for million perople to don't give up


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