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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Thank you for your water fasting experience! Always inspired by you

  2. Hey everyone! I am so excited to share this video with all of you. Many of you know I LOVE to not only lead but also partake in juice and water fasting. I've been mown to do supervised ten day water fasts in the past that assisted me in letting go of negative habits and addictions that no longer served me.
    Here I share with all of you what I prefer to drink on my water fast:)
    Please note I do NOT promote fasting for extended periods and you should ALWAYS consult your physician prior to doing ANY cleanse:)
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  3. Love the concepts. Excellent.

  4. wonderjoy wonderjoy13

    Could you give me the name of that tea? Brand & where to buy?

  5. Very informative video i like hot tea when it is cold.

  6. Great video! 

  7. Trinitro phenylnitramine

    i find fasting to be more effective if done sporadically. spread it out throughout the week. fast when you feel that you can. do a water fast 1-2x a week. the best experience i've had is when i exercise (cardio) then drink plenty of water after, rest then eat fresh veg and fruits. i sleep very well those days, have a clear mind the day after and feel energized the rest of the week while everyone around me is in a slump once their coffee fix wears off. that is usually around after lunch time.

  8. This is so wonderful! I just did 2 days in a row of 24 hr water fast. Had only lunch as food source. I feel like I need to try it again in the weekend bc I tend to get tired and it's tough when u need energy to function at work with customers and all kinds of pressure. 

  9. What does she mean when she says being with source?

  10. I made up an Ironic acronym for for my fasting and eating habits. FEER Fasting Exercising Eating Repeating. Basically a 24hr water fast with vitamins, tea, and a choice of fruit in the morning but go the rest of the day w/out eating. During the water fast I exercise, yoga, jog, and a mildly intense workout routine. Drinking water and tea keeps me hydrated to do so. My somewhat similar way of silence, is meditation, whether I have time after exercising or even in the evening before bed. When you go a day w/out a meal and are hydrated and conscious you can have a blissful session of peace. When I wake up the next morning, tea and yoga then commit to 2 meals a day to consume calories within an intermittent fasting period then repeat the cycle, results are pretty blissful. :) -The quote at 5:00 is really refreshing! Great video.

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