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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. I worked for years for a company involved in personalised medicine and it really will be the future with less side effects than traditional medicines used to treat most cancers.
    Such a sad thing to see a young mother in her mid 30's leaving behind 3 small children. Thanks to people like Ann who selflessly gave precious time to research in order to ensure others may not be in her situation in the future.

  2. this is bullshit, scientists payed by corporations to find other drugs, more expensive not to cure but to make more clients and money for the industry… the word cure it`s not even mentioned once… they need sick people and not healthy

  3. Cancer is man made.

  4. This programme both gladdened and angered me. I'm angered that cancer researchers and oncologists are finally recognising that immunotherapy is utterly important when tackling cancer, despite them claiming for the best part of a century that it has no part to play at all. Nonetheless I'm glad that they've finally caught up with everybody else whom they've been dissing for so long.

    Anyway, you don't need to take these experimental drugs to fight cancer. There are many nutrients that will do that job just fine. I'll now list all these compounds which you can buy for yourself to fight cancer. In no particular order:

    » Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC)
    » D-Fraction
    » Polysaccharide-K (PSK)
    » Tocotrienol
    » B2G2 (from Grapeseed Extract (GSE))
    » Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
    » Phenethyl Isothiocyanate (PEITC)
    » Curcumin (e.g. BCM95)
    » Falcarinol
    » Pinoresinol
    » Crocetin
    » Cucurbitacin
    » Fisetin
    » Theanine
    » Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
    » Lysine
    » Pterostilbene
    » Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ)
    » Mitraphylline
    » Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    » Salvestrols
    » Oleocanthal
    » D-Fructose-L-histidine (FruHis)
    » Lycopene
    » Bromelain
    » Carnosine
    » Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)

    And that's just scratching the surface.

    Remember, when oncologists say only their medicines can fight cancer, it's not true. And these are just some of the compounds you can get for yourself which will do an amazing job.

  5. There are real cures, where they completely get rid of Cancer and it won't come back. But because of population control the government (Especially in the U.S.) does not allow these cure to become noticed and don't want people to know about it what so ever.

    A reason for us getting Cancer is from eating foods with GMOs, unnatural foods, and thing that were not really ment to be eaten such as sharks, puffer fish, etc. GMOs are stairoids put into animals such as cows, chickens, and other farm animals we breed for food, milk, and eggs. Or their ways GMOs get into foods are plants. Now-a-days sciencist are putting chemicals into seeds to keep them from dying and to keep bugs off the plants. Some to make the plants grow twice as much. But, those chemicals or GMOs stay in the plants. So, when they make it to bread, we eat that bread and those chemicals get into our body. Some people can fight it off like nothing but some, can't. In result, Cancer forms.

    My grammar isn't great but what I say is true. I may be 16 too but I know what's really going on.

    Back then, cancer was rare. But since Monsanto (U.S. government protected and the main manufactor for almost all our foods here in the U.S.) started putting chemicals in our food and farms cancer spreaded like a wild fire. They started with veatnoml agene(?) orange. A chemical used for something I forgot. But it causes cancer. It was sometimes sprayed on soilders. If they were exposed to it, it may not have effected them right then and there but later on in life it would be a serious problem.

    Have you ever seen a doctor have cancer or die from it? I don't think so. Importaint and powerful people are thriving while us "low lives" are dying.

  6. We will conquer cancer, altogether, when we discover another earth-like planet and are able to travel there. The aliens aren't stupid. They gentically programed our bodies to develop cancer and other deadly diseases, in other to prevent overpopulation. How hard is that to figure out, folks? Smh.

  7. Hey guys. My name is Alex and I'm a part of an initiative called Dry July, which supports those living with cancer. If you could donate a few dollars to this link – – that would be amazing!! I'm trying to raise 500 dollars so every single cent counts! Thank you all 

  8. check out the research on bicarbonate soda by dr mark sircus, fascinating

  9. A bead for each procedure: so touching, brought tears to my eyes. If my child died I would look at the last bead and my heart would break.How wonderful to have these intelligent and dedicated people working for medical solutions.

  10. i think the cancer comes from food in the past 100 years or so the food comes from different country's and there for we exposed whit all kind bacteria and much more that aware body get a stock and active it the cancer cells

  11. Shocked that they didn't even mention the benefits of a plant-based diet in the treatment of cancer. This is from the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine:

  12. Jacob “Jake” Mar

    omg omg this sucks get cancar

  13. cannabis mother nature is the cure not mankind and its goverment phamacys that just want to flip the cash !

  14. Please look foor The Truth About Cancer, here on YouTube, and learn the truth!

  15. We now live in nation-sized death camps. It's something the Nazis would have been proud of. 1/2 chance of getting cancer is NOT normal! Of course some people have genes that can cause a higher incidence of cancer, but this is clearly not the case for the majority of people in the west who have cancer.

    I never give money to cancer research because they don't focus on the causes of cancer; they focus on treatment options once people already have the disease. They claim that this is "extending lives" when it is in fact cutting people's lives short by injecting them with carcinogenic chemicals (chemo therapy) which will invariably cause new cancers to develop in the future. Finding the causes will go towards preventing people from getting cancer in the first place, thus truly extending lives.

    The main causes of cancer in the western world are malnutrition and exposure to toxins (carcinogens). Enough said. Let's sort out the mineral-depleted farm land instead of spending billions on genetics research when genetics is only a minor factor in some cancers.

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