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Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises–Anxiety

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  1. Whats the reason why I have to place my tongue on that position?

  2. Yeah I am sure holding my breath so much will relax me a lot LOL

  3. there are no constructive comments any more. Just cynical bored people.

    That was very interesting. Good job trying to spread what you know. :)

  4. Simon Clark you heard em!

  5. in SPANISH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I just wank off. knocks me pretty good too.

  7. I'm going to see if this works. If I don't comment it worked.

  8. anyone see that "good morning son" meme? he looks like that guy.

  9. This also works to cure hiccups, although that sometimes takes beyond 8 cycles.

  10. emrento el luminia dos

    this is a da vinci code

  11. Would it be alright to do this technique once every hour or once every other hour? I don't know what's the danger for doing so many at one time but okay

  12. what if you are a chain smoker and dont have the lung capacity to hold your breath for 7 seconds lol

  13. Luca YourFitnessEngineer

    If those ones are seconds I am 200 years old:)

  14. Has anyone tried this. Does it actually work? Or is it just bull? Not that I need a technique. I have my own method. Just rub one out. It's no secret.

  15. Holy cow!  It really works!  I have terrible panic attacks and this really helped.  I mean, it didnt completely go away but it brought it to a point in which I could control and tolerate it. Thanks.  One down side is it made me hyper aware of my heart beat which of course was pounding due to the panic and I could feel it much more clearly due to the fact that my lungs were mostly filled but aside from that.  It's just anything I can feel phsyiologically speaking makes my paniced mind question if its normal or not and what it means if it isn't.  "Ah my heart is beating, that must mean I'm having a heart attack!"  That sort of ridiculous nonsense that seems totally feasible when you are panicing but utterly nonsensical when you are calm.  Talking (or typing) about it also really helps.

  16. did this shiz for 20 minutes, guess whose still awake.
    thanks bald santa

  17. esse negócio é louco huahuehu tô aprendendo ainda, mas nas vezes que fiz quase deu certo… parecia que eu ''via'' minha mente caindo no sono, daí meu corpo ficava leve, parecia que ia flutuar… e dava muita vontade de rir – é sério – lol. parece que tô chapada, mas acho que é só o corpo relaxando, ''desestressando'' e etc. muito bom!!!

  18. I fell asleep watching this!

  19. My pastor at church told us that any Yoga practice is Evil. should I take that serious?

  20. Id laugh so hard if he fell asleep :) Thanks will give it ago.

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