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  1. Charlene Woodley

    I will most definitely be trying this – thanks!

  2. Drug Free Menopause Treatments

    Wow, thanks for sharing. Indeed, there are a lot of alternate medicine to cure menopause symptoms.

  3. Hot flashes is very irritating. Thanks for your unique formula :)

  4. saurabh upadhyay

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    The experience of returning to the blank page and having nothing in the drawer was intensely painful. I just thought, I never want that to happen again.

  5. Buy Menopause Remedies

    Wonderful! i didn't know that apple cider is also a relief. Thanks +Candice Esposito

  6. Hot flashes 

    Hot flashes are the most common symptom that women can relate to. It’s one of the worst, but there are things you can do to control it. There are number of things that can trigger hot flashes, including alcohol, stress, caffeine, medications, smoking, spicy foods, etc. Recognize your triggers and then seek to avoid them.

  7. I tried this and it worked for me. Thankfully. I did stop after they stopped. However, there back and tomorrow i'll start again. It's healthy and natural and luckilly for me it does work. Thank you Dr. Esposito. For those it did not work for. Just remember, everyone is different. It's like some medications work for some but may not for others. Keep looking. I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. :)

  8. This worked for me instantly! I joke when I'm out with people at night and say "Time to go home and have my menopause cocktail." Thank you so much for this cure – I hardly ever have any HF's anymore or night sweats. I also switched got rid of some of night ware which helped immensely too. If I forget to take it in the morning sure enough one will hit me during the day. Once I start taking it again they magically disappear. I really have to do it morning and night for it to work consistently. You are a saint for sharing this to help relieve so much worry and suffering. 

  9. I'm going to buy everything and try this treatment.
    These hot flashes are driving me crazy.
    I'm wake up soaking wet every single day for the past few months and my hair is wet too.
    I swear all day the sweating starts it just happens everywhere and it pours out my face body and hair like crazy I'm constant wiping it off, I never had sweating issues before.
    Should I replace the salt my body is losing?
    My goodness how long is this going to last I just turned 51.
    I'm emotional too.
    Thank you for posting a remedy. 

  10. these hot flashes are driving me crazy

  11. Hi Dr,i took it before i eat the feeling was so bad,but am going to continue.

  12. Trying this tonight.  I must admit my diet has been too sugary and filled with caffeine lately which does not help at all.  Luckily I like the taste of vinegar so I took a couple spoons into a small glass of coconut water and it went down quite nicely.  Wish me luck.  At first the hot flashes were not so bad, but now they are out of control ridding me of all my energy not to mention keeping me away from my hot yoga and regular exercise regime.  I have also read that it helps with weight loss which has also become a challenge at this age.  Good luck ladies, I feel your pain.

  13. Thank you for this Video.  I was looking for a safe home remedy to help with hot flashes and when I saw and heard you I felt assured that this was a safe remedy to apply.  So far I've only drank the remedy twice, but I am hopeful it will help me.  Natural is always the best way to go.  I bought the products you suggested and, to my surprise, it actually tasted quite good.  Thank God for the Spiritia.  I'm not sure I could drink it straight.  I'm also going to buy fresh apples and begin eating 1 apple a day.  The old saying must be true "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away". Apples seems to have many healing properties so…why not? Thanks again.

  14. candy villarmino

    I never experience hot flashes only I can't sleep well and forgetfulness

  15. i'm so glad i found this video, nothing was helping with the hot flashes so i tried this and it's has helped so much. Just one more tip ; make sure to do a mouthwash (or brush teeth) afterwards so there won't be any damage to the tooth enamel from the vinegar's acidity.

    Thanks again Doctor Esposito!

  16. Seems to be working for my wife..thank god!

  17. Have been suffering with hot flashes and night sweats for many years, and used natural supplements for relief. Due to a recent diagnosis of DCIS (stage "0" breast cancer) and subsequent surgery, I had to stop taking any and ALL (plant based included) estrogen.  Am now on Tamoxifen for further cancer prevention, and sadly (horribly!) one of the biggest side effects is increased hot flashes/night sweats– which WAS the case for me!! My oncologist actually told me about Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar (I know–big surprise!)  If I wasn't sure how well it was working, I am now.  I was "hit and miss" with my Bragg ACV while on vacation last week, and noticed a marked increase.  Back on regular schedule of 2 Tblsp. 2x/day (I find mixing it with tomato or V8 juice helps get it down), and they are subsiding  BIGTIME this week.  I use a straw to prevent direct contact and possible acidic damage to tooth enamel.  I am a FIRM believer in this!

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