Antibiotic Epidemic: How To Naturally Fight Superbugs & Bacteria

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Help Prevent The Natural Way. This Ebook Shows You How. Powerful Plant-based Antimicrobials And Recipes To Help Strengthen The Immune System And Diminish The Need For .
Antibiotic Epidemic: How To Naturally Fight Superbugs & Bacteria

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  1. My concern is that atiibnotic treatments are yet another way of treating only the symptoms and not correcting the underlying causes. Yes, many people get relief from treating the symptoms, but seldom does anyone completely heal a condition that way. I agree completely. I have learned by watching the treatments given to my parents throughout their lives that doctors today are no more than symptomologists . You have pain, get a prescription. Fever get a shot, discomfort? You guessed it another prescription. Who knows why this is, fault of the doctor, insurance, hospitals, combination of all of these or something else. Bottom line, doctors no longer look for the reasons you feel the way you do. They just need to make you FEEL BETTER with medications, NOT CURE YOU, and get you out of the office (BTW, this is partly our fault for accepting this kind of treatment). Here is a personal story to illustrate this.My mother was in her 60s when her blood pressure started to rise. Because of her age (never over-weight) her doctor didn’t look for a cause and she was placed on a roller coaster of meds to control it. A few years passed and she had an examination for some other problem which inadvertently identified that she had a necrotic kidney. After removal of the necrotic kidney guess what happened? Her blood pressure returned to normal and she did not require any more blood pressure medications.A perfect example of treat the symptom, not the patient.So, for everyone out there. Remember, cause and effect. For most problems there is a reason why it is happening and very rarely do drugs change that (unless you are trying to kill off something specific), they only mask the symptom while you live with the condition. Which is why your doctor will tell you there is no cure for RA, we can only treat the symptoms unless Barbara Allan is right.I have RA and think I will get this book. Maybe the next time I write will be to share my success story. Jim C

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