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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. Cancer is scary by any ways

  2. Cancer is a huge sickness

  3. Oh!i did not know that would happen!

  4. !!

  5. this video is so cancer..

  6. Lung cancer is so common because of smokers

  7. so WOW¡

  8. How can the cancer invade different parts of the body?

  9. NARRATOR: Morgan Freeman?

  10. Mom died of Stage 4 SMALL CELL CARCINOMA LING CANCER on 10/9/11. This doc explains SO much 2 me because I was too.weak and young to study and get the beds and outs of the disease basics. I just followed docs orders, showed love and support and prayed. Thanks this REALLY HELPED! RIP to my beautiful mom.

  11. BTW CORRECTIONS: Meant to say LUNG CANCER and ends and outs.

    My phone has an auto speller that selects options that fit but UNFORTUNATELY they are usually WRONG. ;)

  12. Cancer goes around in my family (95% chance I'll get it when I'm in my late 40s) CRAP!

  13. What about Royal Raymond Rife research, he said it was an organism with is distinct turquoise color that infected cells.

  14. I am going to be healthy now

  15. Smokers can deserve lung cancer.

  16. nice video illustration
    however the speaker somewhat is boring
    i barely staid concentrated
    slept for a while

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