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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. allahdulilH my brother lost a lot of wieght when he fasted have a nice ramadan everyone!!!!!! salaam

  2. Allahu Akbar :) Everything we do for Allah we get a benifit. In this life and the next Alhamdiallah! Have a good Ramadan brothers and sisters, inshallah

  3. happy ramadan for all muslims insha allah

  4. yayyyyyyyyyy Ramadhan starts in a few hrs time!

  5. ameen summa ameen

  6. There was a study done that in TIME magazine, where several individuals who had been limited to only 1500 calories per day had a decrease in their sexual libido as well. This is very amazing since, our beloved Prophet (s.w.s) had prescribed to young muslims to fast if they wanted to increase their Taqwa and abstain from shameful deeds.

  7. Are there more medical benefits in fasting than farting? I hope there are more medical benefits, farting than fasting. This guy has done lot of it during his talk, and I am sure he would been greatly relieved, and benefitted by that …..pardon me …farting.

  8. During his talking, on fasting, he did more of farting,and medical benefits are sure to follow.

  9. Listening to his talk, I can say, he is likely to get more medical benefits out of farting than fasting. He does one much more than the other.

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