Adult Asthma – Do Not Overlook Your Adult Onset Asthma

– Do Not Your Adult Asthma

The type of person most people associate with asthma is a child. This is an accurate association because there are a lot of children who suffer from this lung disease. However, they are not the only people. There is adult asthma that does not make an appearance until someone is an adult. They never had any signs or symptoms of this disease their entire life. The reason that having this type of disease as an adult is frustrating is because you typically have to alter your lifestyle. This can be difficult and even exasperating because you are used to your life being a certain way.

If you or someone you know has been affected by adult asthma, you need to make sure it is taken seriously. This is because of what can happen if it goes untreated. Asthma causes your airways to inflame, which also leads to them narrowing. This makes it difficult to breathe and can even lead to fits of coughing and wheezing for periods of time. Another reason it needs to be taken seriously is because there is no cure for it. It will not go away with time and medication. Medication only will mask your symptoms for a while.

Adult asthma is more likely to occur in women than in men, although doctors are not sure why that is the case. Although doctors are not able to prevent the onset of asthma, they are able to come up with possible reasons why some adults suffer from this when their entire life was asthma-free. One reason why adults seem to get asthma at this stage in their lives is because they also suffer from allergies. This does not mean that every person with allergies will get asthma, it just is a coincidence. Also, obese people are more likely to develop asthma at some point in their lives.

Other reasons why some people develop adult asthma are from certain environmental conditions. Your chances even can be increased if you take certain medications. These can be aspirin and oral beta blockers. Although there are several medications out available for people with asthma, you have to understand that taking those medications will do nothing for curing your asthma. This is because doctors have not come up with a cure for it yet. Also, it helps to know that there are natural remedies you can do to treat your symptoms so you do not have to rely on medications.

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