Adoptive T-cell therapy for fungal infections in haematology patients

T-cell for in haematology patients
Genetically modifying T cells to include an inducible suicide gene that can electively be activated in the event of toxicity, such as that explored in immunotherapy, will be useful to address toxicity concerns. Timing of T-cell infusion may be …

Targeting BCL-2 to enhance vulnerability to therapy in estrogen receptor
This review summarizes our current understanding of the role of BCL-2 and its family members in mammary gland development and breast cancer, recent progress in the development of new BH3 mimetics as well as their potential for targeting estrogen …

Second-Generation ALK inhibitors for Therapy of ALK-Rearranged Non–Small Cell
Crizotinib, or PF-02341066, is an orally bioavailable, small-molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) that competes for the adenosine 5&;-triphosphate (ATP)-binding sites on tyrosine kinases, which was found to have potent in vitro and in vivo …
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Deering Dental offers ultramodern techniques and lush hospitality
Deering Dental is currently raising funds for Manny Alvarez, a family friend, who was recently diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS), a rare and aggressive form of cancer. With his insurance refusing to pay for treatment, Alvarez&39;s family is …
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