Acute Bacterial Arthritis: How Long Should You Wait for Culture Results?

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… of acute bacterial arthritis. On the other hand, while a negative result does not exclude the diagnosis, it may affect clinical decision making when the synovial fluid characteristics fall between the traditional criteria for inflammatory and …
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Marler Clark Files Multiple Lawsuits in Kapowsin Salmonella Outbreak
The predominant site of the infection is the gastrointestinal tract. Several bacteria, including Salmonella, induce septic arthritis. The resulting joint pain and inflammation can resolve completely over time or permanent joint damage can occur. The …
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I Survived The VA: A Veteran Tells His Shocking Story
His wounds have become septic, his system immunosuppressed far too long. … Georgetown had recommended weaning him off the high dose steroids after a month in order to avoid side effects like osteoporosis, ulcers, and increased susceptibility to …
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Young woman chooses amputation to be there for family
Lisa, who has battled numerous health problems for years, including infections in the bone of her right foot, decided to have her right leg amputated below the knee so she could be healthier for her son and husband. More photos at … When she was 17 …
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