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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. There's now way I could do a full digital detox at the moment because I'm in a long distance relationship and we depend almost entirely on the internet to communicate with each other. I do definitely want to cut out how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling social media though, it drives me crazy even when I'm doing it!

  2. Digital detox but video filming everywhere feels like digital detox cheating to me…nice try though Estee

  3. I think, like you I would find it hardest to realise how hard it is! i rely on the internet for sooo much entertainment, and also work.

  4. Well, I think its kinda difficult to have digital detox these days because we rely a lot on technology. Last time we have only white/black boards but now its a projector screen. We use to computer to do our homework/assignments. If I have a break from school and work I will definitely try to have a digital detox

  5. I have some Jewish friends who on Sundays (I believe) can't use any electricity. It's very interesting to realise how much we rely on electricity.

  6. I'm gonna try this out too. It's gonna be hard.. :p

  7. I see a trend coming

  8. I just may have to try this this weekend

  9. Does she live in London

  10. Loving these videos !!!!! You did so good.. Don't think I could last this long!

    Plus Estée, what are the earrings you're wearing? They look so lovely and suit you so nicely :))

  11. you are making a point here, young lady.

  12. I just made a digital detox video on my channel! Thanks Estee for the inspiration!

  13. Yes,I am obsessed with the internet and tv..but I would seriously go so mad without any sounds around me. I need something in the background or my mind would explode. Is music allowed? If so,I could MAYBE do it. We do live in the 21st century though,so internet is pretty important. I am impressed Estée! For someone who has internet as a living job. You did pretty amazing :)

  14. Pauline .Schneider

    I watch this video multiple days a week, it's really inspirational :) thank youuuu Estée

  15. Does anyone know what ambers she uses? For both vlogging and professionally?

  16. "Ice cream cake"~

  17. My husband and I play Pen and Paper roleplay and we can go for many, many hours without internet or tv. 😛 Also we have a Whole lot of board games, so if we have a digital detow, I'm pretty sure we wont get bored 😛 But I would miss the internet alot!

  18. I definitely want to try this. I just feel like I'll be so bored which is horrible.

  19. I liked this video…but… the whole time, I kept thinking of how even though you were doing a "digital detox", you were filming the whole thing. I know that's different from actively using social media, watching television, etc, but it's still kind of weird that during a time that you weren't supposed to be focusing on the internet, you were filming a video for the internet about not using/thinking about the internet. I hope that isn't too awkwardly phrased.

  20. elisabetta nitoglia

    Very impressive…Maximum for me 1 or 2 hours….Bravooo!!!

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