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A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

A Surprise for a Breast Cancer Survivor

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  1. 2 little mistakes: epithelial cells in the surface layer of trachea which divide themeselves (usually stem cells, the ones that have the task of proliferating and differentiating, lie deeper, and in this case the epithelium is pseudo-multilayered so they should't be seen from the surface)
    Second mistake: cancer is not the leading cause of death, even though some esteems place cancer as responsible fo 1/3 of deaths: CardioVascular Diseases are more prevalent

  2. Prepare to die.

  3. You learn something new every day

  4. Anyone wondering how to treat cancer, try Marijuana. It freezes cancer cells and slows down the progression.

  5. Cancer  is   not  genetic,  stupid  !

  6. Nice video, well explained.
    Shame so many people die from it, is there a way to prevent it?

  7. Luis Gerardo Colon

    that last fact really hits you

  8. we Indians knew about cancer very long ago and also the way to cure it. just use urine of cow. by cow i mean pure Indian cow.

  9. I am trying anything at this point to help science look at cancer from different angles and from an outside of the box method of approach. Is there a connection with houses being built by wood and concrete which acts as a insulator from the natural electrical static field from the earth? Do our rubber soles on our footwear have the same effect? Do barefoot aboriginal people get cancer as well? Reasons for my theory is this. We are creatures of the Earth. We are made of water. The element which brings life. Also conducts and disperses electricity. Electricity can also clean and purify water. Our body works on energy and little bits of electrical impulses. I am theorizing that our bodies and cells need to be grounded to the Earth so the static conduction passing through us actually helps maintain a clean and healthy body by constantly purifying the liquids our body has. Just trying to get science to connect dots that may have been over looked???? The second theory is with our various refined sugars in our diet. When the cell tries to split and makes an identical cell perhaps the engineering protein tries to use a new combination to evolve the new cell into a better cell???? but when the combination fails the programming goes back to a original program from thousands of years ago. A very strong cell program that becomes our common cancer cell???? the strong will of the ancient cell program wins the battle of our newer but weaker cell programs which follows the law of nature from there. Only the strong survive. Food for thought. Hope it helps someone studying cancer to come up with a cure…..I really have no education on the matter at all. I only am trying to shine light on angles that may have not been explored. May we humans win the war on cancer. We have to die one way or another eventually. Let's get rid of this nasty way to go once and for all. Cheers.

  10. In the US one person in every four dies of Cancer ???? WTF IS THIS BULLSHIT get the fuck out my face.

  11. vitamin b17.

  12. my dads cousin survived cancer.

  13. i wonder what the leading cause of death is for people over the age of 85 is then lol. 12-8-15

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