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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. I'm SO eager to start taking Organifi…I hope you can ship to Germany!!

  2. Pleas give that damn juicer

  3. bruhhh! the purpose of your video is to sell your product thats all

  4. great tips!

  5. Love these videos. Love the fact that you give a way, reason and fact.
    Not just say , " Do this , it's good for you. GoodBye" lol

  6. hey, I've been watching all of your videos! LOVE THEM! I have to buy ur green juice so good. its my birthday the 27th jucie is what I would love!

  7. What if I eat a lemon instead of drinking lemon water?

  8. Slippy Quacker Man

    Wow, thanks this was helpful.

  9. DEAR DREW, my name is Ben I am 55years old and I need to loose 130lbs. At 5' 6" tall 265lbs with a history of Diabetes in my family. I fear that at any time now in my older years that I am becoming more and more sussitible to being diagnosed as well, I have two brothers and my elderly Dad (72) that have diabetes. Also two years ago my Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer which through treatment, fortunately, is in remission now. I have a 15yr old son a 34yr old Daughter and three beautiful grandkids and would like very much to see them grow up, I need a good internal cleansing and I am deffinately more interested in the natural and herbal ingredients that you teach in your videos, Please help if you can with some recipes and advice. "A Juicer would go a long too."

  10. idk why im afraid to mix soda with lemon…imma just do soda solo !

  11. Giving the suggestion to detox away from the news was the best man! I believe if I get a call, a whisper in the ear, or an emergency alert , only then do the news get my attention. I rather be a solution to help the world than to be reactive and get ill, that helps no one. I do agree sir!

  12. Cool..i once had a blender so i could start the path of a healthy lifestyle but it broke and really never got chance to get anything yet.

  13. Drew I love your videos you are a motivation for me and my daughter. I would love to win a juicer because mine broke ;( after two years of juicing. i feel much better every time thanks to you.

  14. hey man you have a good video. my only suggestion is get a mic with a wind filter on it. I just bought one from rode for 60$. Its hard to hear you with the wind.

  15. 23 ways

  16. la jolla!

  17. Yeah man, TURN OFF THE NEWS. Thanks for that one! i dont have a TV for that reason its only full of sh*t

  18. for oxygen go in the forest. esp if you life in a (big) city

  19. also drink green tea instead of coffee

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