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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Your an adventurer my friend! You continue to follow your heart and mission.  The greatest voyage of discovery has got to be within.  : )

  2. Try to look into Weston E. Price and his work on how most civilisations across the globe ate animal products. According to Sally Fallon, Mr Price did not find any cultures that lived healthily on vegetables only.

  3. Thank you jesus

  4. Annette, here, on hubby, Clyde's computer.  Briefly, I encourage you all the way, Dan.  (Can't imagine you having any 'haters'.  You are a true embodiment of the human spirit.  I do believe you do indeed have all those virtues (already).  You KNOW THEM, and on top of that basically ASPIRE (are willing).  You're already there.  I guess, the battle now is with the FLESH.  For your info. I underwent a 'water' fast myself about 26 years ago.  All what you experienced is true.  All the feelings you expressed, are true, because I felt exactly the same way.  I endured it for 3 weeks (21 days), but got stuck on where to go next.  I lost plenty of weight, down to ideal size.  But when I started to eat again, my taste buds were so clean, everything tasted too scrumptious and delicious.  I wish I had your guidance then.  These days, I'm going through menapause, and sweating is my friend.  Trying to eat healthier – organic – water kefir – a little beef/chicken stock and broth.  I also drink fermented lemons – which make me FEEL and my sweat flow like fresh sprng water.  I love your candidness and honesty – keep it up – keep doing what you're doing, just how you're doing it and I know you'll reach your goals.  So, keep going, Dan!!!

  5. Great insight,presented nicely, ty. I have known that fiber is important to expel toxins from the intestines. Considering you eat healthy already, i would assume you have not many toxins. A person like myself, i think, would have to pre- detox, before a water fast. Do you have any opinion or experience on this?

  6. He did bodybuilding in the past, but his new diet + fasting has removed ALL of his muscle.  

    The man is THIN.

  7. This was my first video I saw of yours and I loved it! I follow the fruit gypsy and just happens to see your video.I really want to try this water fast I am a stay at home mom of two is this going to be hard to do because I need a lot of energy for these two?and I get up a lot at night with one of my children is this going to b a problem as well? Thank you very much and good job on the video I saw I will watch the others! 

  8. Dude you are the true "Dan the Man" . Your concepts and thoughts of life are F'ing great. We are stuck in this material being we call our bodes, that we were so lovely granted to nurture. Everything you said makes perfect scene to me. Most people living in modern society look for an easy fix to make the body feel good. The trick is to stop the sensation of wants.

  9. I just had an instinct after a few seconds of watching you were a recovering addict of some kind. Its the energy you give off and ive been in AA for a while and recover daily from about 8 different addictions. Its good to see your helping others Dan. Ive just turned vegan a week ago and am looking into trying a water fast. Its good to see you have lots of helpful videos on it thanks.

  10. Just a question , I've heard that a lot of water weight is lost on the fast , why is this so when water is all your drinking ?

  11. Thanks for the personal info of fasting.

  12. I'm sorry but isn't it dangerous to do these fasts in the long run?

    I truly would love to experience the benefits of a fast, but being that you get into a state of ketosis that DOES use some muscle for gluconeogenesis, I'm afraid my body will target some of my heart muscle, and I do NOT want my heart to get weaker over time, because heart muscle CAN'T be replaced.

    So for all the people who do have a quite a bit of fasting experience under their belt, do you even remotely feel that fasting weakens your heart a little bit each time you fast? Or is the heart completely safe from being cannibalized during a prolonged fast?

    I would truly appreciate some honest, unbiased answers to my question as I am truly pondering about this potentially life-changing decision to do a prolonged water fast. Thank you very much for your time.

  13. will this help my hair grow???

  14. ca you drink your own urine while doing this like urine therphy

  15. Would I be capable of working at my job during a water fast? I would really like to start fasting 10 days every 3 months.

  16. This got me so motivated to keep searching and developing my health. Thanks brotha

  17. You are just wonderfull <3

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