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DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

DETOX de Jugos en 3 dias- Jugo 1, Paris -3 day juice DETOX, Day 1

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  1. i want to do this so badly once i've finished school! looks like such a good experience

  2. This video was awesome

  3. You have a beautiful singing voice!!:)

  4. I enjoyed watching this beautiful experience that you just had. amazing

  5. always nice watching you.

  6. True Love Divine Love

    OMG, straining one's enema contents?!?! "Hey guys, look a Hotwheels dye-cast car!" Thanks for sharing Alyana…I didn't know you could do that….mind, expanded.

  7. Go vegan. #govegan :D

  8. dfs brigham (MissMiyagiFlow)

    Wow, what an experience! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Delightful you are much thanks

  10. This is a good thing I believe good on you , just love your videos sailing and Riley is a great guy . Blessings . Vancouver Canada

  11. Well, 2,600$ for a dubious fast… You could ask every single person in this institute, none would be able to tell you what 'toxins' actually are. Toxins are not invisible chemicals that can be cleaned by not providing fuel to your body anymore. Of course, when you stop eating 'dirty' food, your organism will rest and be able you heal itself more efficiently, but you should know that toxins are measurable, identifiable, quantifiable molecules, and there are 'scientific' ways to get rid of it effectively (lactic and uric acids, heavy metals, which require chelation with a health professional, etc…), ways that does not include starving yourself most of the time. And you should also know that we DON'T have kilograms of mud in our bowels. A simple purge before a colonoscopy and your bowels are immaculate.

  12. (first of all, WOA I didn't even realise I had been watching for so long, felt like 10 minutes) 21:17 HELLLLL NO

  13. Step 1: Open detox retreat
    Step 2: Don't feed guests
    Step 3: ??
    Step 4: Profit

  14. ☆ SuccessFormuLove

    You're beautiful. … I couldn't do this retreat with all the screaming roosters, though. Not relaxing or healing at all. I'm always surprised that some people can ignore them… The truth is their screams affect us and our emotions, not in a good way.

  15. A beauty like this should not ruin her body with fasting.

  16. liver detox, I could sure use that! Im middle aged fellow from eastern US, I drink too much wine and eat too many chicken wings!I enjoy your and Rileys sailing videos, this was nice interesting food for thought. Your Beauty, youth and good health is inspiringtnx!

  17. What is connected to your wrists?

  18. Too Long……..

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