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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Gonna start it when my christmas break starts, then i can actually go to the gym in the morning.

  2. jacob david balderrama

    shit don't work

  3. that what I started a few months back. you can't be a trump supporter. great advice. don't vote for trump

  4. i ve been doin this ever since december and transformed with 10% bf and now at 8% my vid is on my channle

  5. 215 lbs skinny fat :/

  6. Challenge Accepted!

  7. So I commented a while back it's been 2 months and I weighed in at 240 when I started running again after watching this. Now I'm at 216 I feel amazing and I haven't lost muscles mass thx for the video dude

  8. thanks this really works great

  9. thanks this really works great

  10. starvation- duing exercises on empty stomatch= it will eat ur muscle? atleast i heard that from lot of ppl on yt
    have a nice day

  11. erik u son of a bitch lol lucky this skinny nigga didnt get bitch slap like the lil bitch in wwe by ALBERTOOOOOO DEL RIO

  12. Dude….I'm not a fitness trainer or nutritionist but I know wht works for me!!!and let me tell you ….You are excalty right!!!!!!!!I thank you and appreciate this video it just confirmed a lot of things that I have been doing for the last 2 months that makes me feel more energetic and healthy throughout every single day I encourage you to do more videos and keep up the good work!!!

  13. Dizzys Insanity (Dizzy)

    Im lazy didnt really know any secrets but ill try it everyday 180 goal 150

  14. okay I it is 12-20-2015 I am a 37 yo female 5'3 151.8lbs (fat as hell I know) 37%bodyfat. I have a small frame. I do drink at 3 Smirnoff little Vodkas a night n have been for 2 years ( I own 2 health care training facility and had an instructor that got me in a little/lot of trouble in 2013 is where it started). This video is helpful because I want to do an experiment with stopping drinking at night and stay low on my carbs around 50 – 70 grams total a day, cardio for 1 hr (I prefer dance, twerking to be exact lol man its is great exercise) first thing in the am. I am going to post back on 12-30-2015. Oh yeah I have been delivered from the "Fear of Man" meaning I am completely honest and transparent because I gives a damn about others opinions of me and or anything that I am involved in.

  15. Ovadia Shekelstein

    Why first thing in the morning mr bro scientist? What if u are doing IF till 5:00 pm that day you will have an empty stomach until then.

  16. No. That number is not your 100% heart rate reserve. That's just the predicted maximum heart rate. To get the heart rate reserve you need to include resting heart rate in this calculation.

  17. If anyone needs motivation hit me up and ill text you "get up you fat fuck" every morning at 6

  18. What about playing soccer in the morning

  19. wow good advice. thank you

  20. +Joe Basile
    Whoa fat and furious chill out. The name calling is never appropriate, but aren't you trying to become like the very people you are insulting? That's a New level of stupid. Congrats.

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