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How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

How to Juice Fast – Part 2 – The Benefits of Juice Fasting

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  1. Mixed Martial Help Ⓥ

    Yeah dude! I never planned on seeing my taste change so much after fasting! Went into it expecting a detox / healing of sorts, which actually exceeded my expectations, but the feeling of clear taste is brilliant.

  2. I guess resetting your tastebuds runs deeper than what's on your tongue and affects what your body ultimately craves. Have you eaten out since the fast?

  3. yes! people think i'm crazy when i eat stuff like cucumbers or celery and think they're so full of flavor! :)

  4. James Edwards-Marche

    I remember heavily gravitating towards high water content, alkalinising, foods after my series of short (1-3 day) water fasts last summer. Just couldn't get enough watermelon and lettuce!! Most recently, I've noticed that my body doesn't want the baked potato that was my staple evening meal for a LONG time and prefers boiled/steamed instead.

    My hypothesis is it's a clean(er) body avoiding the Acrylamide present in starches cooked at high temperatures. Go clean body! ;)

  5. Wow!!! That's a great win! What i would give to have these taste buds re-calibrated so that i could enjoy food fully once again.  I like your journey.  Keep us informed.

  6. Another AMAZING video! Great Sean!

  7. Sean do you ever wish you had a nicer bike? OR is it fine? You have the Trek 1.1 with Claris right?

  8. That's pretty awesome.. 

  9. My Brain on Plants

    This is awesome. I hope to do a medically-supervised fast in the future once I can afford it. I would love to clear up my digestive issues and really rethink my relationship with food. Switching up my foods from smoothies to whole foods and waiting for "true hunger" (upper stomach/salivating in back of throat) instead of constantly eating fruit has made foods taste so much better. It makes perfect sense that foods taste so beautiful when we are truly ready for them. Go you!

  10. Oh yeah! My first meal after 12 days of orange juice was absolutely incredible and a punch of flavour in my mouth, best banana-strawberry-date nice cream ever :D

  11. Do u ever eat out anymore??

  12. Sean, are you going to release a No Salt, Sugar, Oil recipe book? Or can you point me in the direction of one?

  13. We are in your pre-fast shoes right now where we are having about 40% of our meals from eating out. Need to rehab our over-stimulated taste buds.

  14. #1 difference about you. You look so…. clean.
    It's as if I could see the toxins inside your skin before and now they're all gone. Interesting. Love the taste reset.

  15. Thinking of starting 40 days only on water.
      What is important to do also? I have strong mind and i can do it but have no clue what should i do in the meantime? What do you do?

  16. Hi, did you do any colon cleansing to stay "regular?" Or did you not deem it necessary?

  17. Hey nice on the 21. I'm planning to do my second water fast soon. I avoided using toothpaste as much as I could last time as some say it'll break the fast. What do you think? 

  18. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

  19. Amazing video ..Keep preaching :-)

  20. I'm going to watch your videos during each day of my fast!! Thank you! ^_^

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